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Finding a good children’s dentist is not an easy chore. My wife’s friend takes her daughter here and had nothing but good things to say about the place.  After lengthy research on several different offices, we ended up giving them a go.

One thing that my wife found out is that they allow parents to sit in the room with your child during thier visit. Not all places allow this,  but that is actually a big deal to us. This was our oldest daughter’s first visit ever and she needed that extra comfort in knowing that we were there with her, and not out sitting in the waiting room.

They have a little play area in the waiting room which keeps the kids busy while they wait.  They gave our daughter some coloring sheets to also keep her amused.

All of the staff were very friendly and personable. The front desk girls were nice,  which is always a plus.  Some other offices do not have friendly people working the desk which makes you not want to schedule another appointment,  but not here. Pablo and the rest of the crew were great.  It is very different working with kids, but they all did an excellent job.

So in each room they have a tv and xbox. Your child can choose to watch a movie or play a game while they are being worked on.  How awesome is that!  I wish they had that when I was a kid. I might have actually not minded going to the dentist instead of dreading it. So my daughter chose to watch Frozen, of course.

Dr Sadek was awesome. He was very professional and great with our daughter. He "read" a book with her going over the importance of brushing.  It was nicely put in a way that a kid could understand. You can tell that he loves what he does and that he has the patience to deal with kids, which isn’t always an easy task. At one time our daughter started stressing and he handled it smoothly without blowing up or yelling at her. As a parent your first instinct is to jump in and intervene but it is important to let them handle the situation. They are professionals and they know what they are doing.

We will definitely be coming back,  and I’m sure all the of our kids will end up seeing Dr Sadek and his wonderful crew of helpers.

Mike C., Lancaster

Very happy w/Dr. Sadek & his work. He is amazing at what he does. I drive from Pasadena to see him. It’s worth the trip.

Nancy F., Canyon Country

Been taking my son here since he was 3! That was 4 years ago! Best pediatric dentist! He actually looks forward to his appointments!

Nancy F., Palmdale

I scheduled appointments for my daughters because of the positive reviews on here. They gave us a next-day appointment. The office was pleasantly decorated and the staff is extremely nice. The girls enjoyed a selection of toys in the lobby, but we didn’t have to wait long. The assistant started out by reading a book (written by Dr. Sadek).  She then encouraged my younger daughter to watch her sister as they did the xrays. When it was time for the cleaning, they got to choose a movie to watch or xbox game to play. The girls also got to choose the flavor of toothpaste. Kids love choices!  Overall, the entire experience was very positive.

Heather H., Palmdale

Very pleased with the attention and handling of my son as a patient and myself as a parent! On both of our visits, I’ve received good customer service from the front desk. My 3 y/o son has received quality care from the back office/dental assistants, as well.

I enjoy all the little ways they make this a great place for children! From the play area in the waiting room, to the animal faced instruments, to the personal dental chair movie options! It’s great!

The doctor/dentist is a sweet man! My son even reached for him and hugged him as we said goodbye.

Monique G., Palmdale

Why drive to Valencia when your child can receive better treatment here in town! I was completely blown away on how much attention to detail, compassion, and his child nurturing ability to make my little girl (3yrs) feel secure. From the moment we walked in, the helpful staff made sure my daughter was treated as if she was a princess. She was able to enjoy her movie of choice "frozen", which Dr Sadek sang-a-long, then He read her a book perfectly describing the importance of dental hygiene.

My overall rating for my little girls first dental appointment would be 10 stars! My little girl walking away from her very first appt. with a bright clean smile, is priceless. Thank you  Dr Sadek and your very helpful staff.

Anthony L., Lancaster

PALMDALE CHILDREN’S  DENTAL is truly a dream come true.  I’m a very picky mom, especially being in the medical field, so I won’t just take my girls any were.  All the front staff are absolutely amazing and helpful.  I love  how when I call  I’m never put on hold.  I took my 4yr old who is afraid of the dentist from a previous place we went to.  The dental assistants are amazing they talked to my daughter and made her warm up and get thru her xrays.  Teeth cleaning was great the guy explained everything to her step by step while she was comfy watching the Frozen movie.  She loves the Dentist now.  The Dr.  Is wonderful he explained everything to me as well as show me what my daughter needed.  If you’re looking for a dentist for your children and live in the area this is the place to bring them.  

Totally forgot to mention I took a peak at the other child who was in the room and he was playing ps3 while getting his teeth cleaned.  Pretty cool, such a great way to distract a child.  Oh and my 13month old as well get her teeth cleaned and the Dr.  Showed me just how to get it right with a newly bitter.  I must admit I was pretty impressed when he stuck his finger in her mouth to clean her baby teeth.  Those baby bites hurt.  By far best dentist ever.

Erica A., Palmdale

Amazing! My 2 year old just got her 1st filing with Dr. Sadek and it was the most masterful medical care I have ever seen. I highly recommend him to anyone. I was grumpy "waiting," but that is part of the process, getting the kids to play and have it be "their" place. Dr. Sadek took ample time to create a rapport with my daughter and explain everything to her (and me). She nodded agreement to every step of the process, from walking into the exam room to putting tools in her mouth. She was fine with the whole thing! Masterful! We tried Heidi’s Children Dental, Adventure Dental and our old dentist in Pasadena for my son’s fillings last year but this is WAY, WAY better!

They have movies and toys like most children’s dentists, but they also take special care with the kids and show a willingness to take as long as it takes to proceed on the kids comfort schedule to really give the kids a safe and respectful experience of care. Very impressed.

He showed my daughter more respect and deference than most medical providers show me. She wants to be a doctor and I would be thrilled if she took on that type of bedside manner.

Loretta W., Palmdale