At Palmdale Children’s Dental, we are strong believers that proper dental care should start early in life. Regular checkups, and education in home dental care habits including brushing and flossing, will help ensure that children enjoy good oral health not only in childhood but throughout their lives.

At Palmdale Children’s Dental, parents can stay with their children during the time of treatment, and movies or video games are provided for each child’s comfort and entertainment.

Your child’s first dental checkup can be any time after your child first cuts their first tooth. It should be before age one, ideally, and has as its primary goal just getting the child used to the idea of going to the dentist. It can help to prepare for the trip if you examine your child’s teeth as a routine, scheduled action, always done in a friendly and non-threatening way, just so he or she is comfortable with the idea of someone else looking at his or her teeth.


We recommend that your child’s dental care start at 12 months of age. Babies with dental problems caused by injury, disease, or a developmental problem should be seen by a children’s dentist right away.

By the time your child is 6 months old, we can assess the likelihood of your child having future dental problems. If the doctor thinks your child will have dental problems, be sure your child sees us by his or her first birthday or 6 months after the first primary teeth appear, whichever comes first. After your first visit, schedule regular visits every 6 months or as we recommend.

Adults, teens, and school-age children

Have your child come in for a visit once or twice a year. We will examine your child’s teeth and gums for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other health problems.

Our dental hygienist will begin to clean your child’s teeth by scraping hard mineral buildup (tartar) off their teeth with a small metal tool. Then the hygienist will floss your child’s teeth, use a polishing compound, and apply fluoride. Cleanings usually aren’t painful.

Sometimes we will want to take X-rays. The X-rays take only a few minutes.

Our technician will have you put a heavy apron on your child to shield their body from X-rays.

Our technician will have your child bite down on a small piece of plastic, to help align their teeth properly for the machine. This process will be repeated several times to get pictures of all your child’s teeth.

If needed, we will put sealant on the chewing surface of your child’s back teeth to help prevent cavities. Sealants help keep food and bacteria from getting stuck in rough chewing surfaces and grooves of your child’s teeth, and they help protect your teeth from plaque.