Welcome to Palmdale Children’s Dental

Dr. Sadek specializes in creating a child-friendly dental office where children feel safe getting their dental needs met.  We firmly believe in connecting and communicating with the child, no matter how young or old. Through clear, age-appropriate communication combined with skillful, painless dentistry using state-of-the-art technology, children can be treated without fear.

With a great deal of patience, skillful communication and painless dentistry, Dr. Sadek succeeds in gaining the child’s trust, and completing desired dental treatment. Parents are encouraged to be in the room while the child is treated.

Dr. Sadek’s Technique: Excellent communication is key and Dr. Sadek knows that 85% of communication is non-verbal, especially in younger children. He has mastered the skill of connecting with children using body posture, facial expressions and tone of voice, making it easy for him to gain the trust of the youngest of patients.

We recommend a visit to the dentist as soon as the first teeth erupt. There is no charge for this service because we believe that it is important to get the child (as well as the parents) used to going to the dentist without fear. These early visits go a long way toward preventing cavities.